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Mick McBeth   BAppSci, MOst

Prior to opening Body Logic in 2011, Mick had previously worked in clinics in Auckland, Oakura and in Europe with the NZ Triathlon team during the London 2012 Olympic campaign. During the Olympic year, Mick also contracted to work with the French, Dutch and Canadian national triathlon teams. Passionate about sport and new challenges, Mick likes to encourage others to discover the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. During his studies, Mick completed a promising thesis on the management of cycling discomfort through a combination of 'Bike Fit' and osteopathic treatment. Mick views injury/discomfort as a unique issue, depending on the onset,  your current health and your daily lifestyle. In terms of your management, Mick will try and understand what your injury/discomfort means to you and develop a personalized treatment plan going forward. 

Outside of work Mick likes to try his hand in several sports, basketball, surfing, rugby, soccer, wake-boarding, snowboarding and competing in the odd multisport event/triathlon - ranging from sprint distance to Ironman. Participating in a range of sports is Micks way of being able to understand what his athletic patients go through and how their injuries may have come about. Mick is also the manager of the Taranaki Mountain Airs basketball team. 

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email: mick@bodylogic.co.nz

mobile: 027 4277 153

Jesse Armstrong    BAppSci, MOst

Jesse joined Body Logic in 2013. Jesse had always had an interest in the human body and how it functions, so after studying fitness in Brisbane, he moved back home and decided to further his studies, gaining a Masters qualification in Osteopathy (with Honours). During the completion of his thesis, Jesse taught technique classes, honing the skills of undergraduate students in the Osteopathy programme. During the NBL season, Jesse is the treatment provider for the Taranaki Mountain Airs basketball team. Jesse believes that every complaint/injury is unique to the person experiencing it. He aims to work with you to understand the underlying cause of your problem, in order to provide treatment and a management plan specifically designed to suit your needs. Jesse is a keen sports man, having previously been involved with the Northland rugby academy, he now enjoys various sports in his spare time including rugby, touch, basketball, tennis and surfing. While the weather is different to his hometown of Whangarei, he enjoys the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of New Plymouth which reminds him of home. 

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email: jesse@bodylogic.co.nz


Cloe is a French osteopath who graduated in 2009 from the European College of osteopathy. She had her own practice in Northern France for 5 years before traveling to New Zealand in 2015. While traveling through New Zealand, New Plymouth stood out to her as the place she would like to live and work. She spent some time working in Auckland before moving to Taranaki . She likes working with people of all ages from newborn to elderly people. She is particularly interested in babies and pregnant women and participated in training in France to improve her skills in these fields. Cloe likes practicing sports such as surfing, swimming, sailing, yoga and skiing. Cloe enjoys treating sportsmen and used to be the osteopath for a French running team. She adapts her treatment using a wide range of techniques (structural, visceral and cranial osteopathy ) to suit as best as she can the patients and their needs. She believes that lifestyle and especially activities, diet and workstation are essential in recovery.

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Georgie Kydd BAppSci, MOst

Georgie originally hails from the top of the South Island, Blenheim. Georgie has a keen interest in treating patients with sports related issues particularly multisport athletes as she also enjoys many sports herself such as Triathlon, Volleyball and Tennis. Georgie was the national age group champion in standard distance triathlon in 2017 and represented NZ at the world championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Georgie also enjoys working with the aging population to help them maintain as much of an active lifestyle as they transition through the different stages of life. While competing in sports herself she has learnt the benefits of regular exercise, recovery and injury treatment and management to apply to herself and clinically as an Osteopath. Her research for her final thesis was in regards to sitting posture of individuals at a computer workstation. This study was aimed towards improving her education on any problems that arise with office work and helping with the individual issues that arise for each person.

Georgie was also last year the treatment provider for the Central Rugby team in Blenheim so she understands the many injuries that can arise from these sports and how to work with the player and their injury to keep them active in their sport.

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Naomi Hunt BAppSci, MOst

Naomi is a passionate osteopath and yoga teacher committed to the holistic health of her patients, which includes creating a caring, professional, and patient focused treatment environment. Her interest in the use of osteopathy and yoga for stress management and musculoskeletal pain shaped her Master’s research investigating if yoga and prescribed exercise are beneficial for chronic neck pain.
​Naomi spent her 20’s travelling and snowboarding all over the world, and has practiced yoga for the past 20 years. Through snowboarding and yoga Naomi developed her interest in health and body maintenance, which led her to train as an Osteopath and yoga teacher. She has a special interest in rehabilitative exercise and movement utilizing a range of exercise advice, including breathing and yoga-based postures. Where appropriate she may suggest lifestyle modifications or approaches that assist and enhance her osteopathic treatments. Naomi is passionate about supporting patients to develop healthy habits that serve them well whilst fitting in with their life and daily commitments.

Naomi currently lives in Okato with her husband, son, and cat where she continues her connection to nature through her passion for surfing.

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Stephen Lett BHSc (Physiotherapy), MHSc (Rehabilitation), PGDip (acupuncture) 

Stephen graduated from AUT in 2006 and continued to work on Auckland’s North Shore for the next 12 years. In 2017 Stephen completed a hard-earned Master of Health Practice specializing in rehabilitation as well as a post-graduate diploma in acupuncture. Stephen enjoys combining clinical skills with a firm belief in an active approach to rehabilitation and understands that we are all different and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to treatment. Stephen gets satisfaction out of working with people and helping them successfully return to the activities that are important to them. 
Stephen is an elite runner and has represented New Zealand in road running and competed in races in England, Japan, Canada and Australia. 
Outside of work Stephen loves spending time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters (the eldest of which was born on the same day Stephen won the Auckland marathon) and is looking forward to the opportunity of learning to surf (however long that may take).

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Joy Zhu   Master of Acupuncture

Joy comes from Hunan province in China. She has a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Tui-na (Chinese massage) from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine. She has been trained for 7 years, including 3 years practice in a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in China.

Joy is interested in Acupuncture combining with functional anatomy in treating muscle injuries, having worked under specialists in this field for over 2 years. She is also a professional therapist of Traditional Chinese Healing Art of Acupuncture. Joy has obtained the license of Chinese Medicine TCM Doctor in China.

In her leisure time, she loves to travel and experience the outdoors.  Her favorite sports are jogging, hiking and playing basketball

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Fitness - Personal Training & Pilates

Aliesha Barnett     BSpLS

Aliesha is a highly motivated and energetic trainer who holds a Bachelor of Sports and Leisure through The University of Waikato. Her compassion and drive helps her interact with clients while giving them the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Aliesha's goal is to allow her clients to live a happier, healthier and fitter lifestyle. She has a keen interest in multi-sport events where in early 2015 she completed her first half ironman race.

Aliesha is a certified Barre Pilates instructor, running regular Barre and Mat Pilates training classes throughout the week. Other classes include Mum's & Bubs Pilates, Coperate Bootcamp sessions and Functional Fitness with Boxing 

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email: alieshambarnett07@gmail.com

mobile: 027 352 1896

Massage Therapy

Melissa Huggins

Melissa Huggins is a certified massage therapist who graduated from the Institute Of Therapeutic Massage in 2009 in Haskell, New Jersey, USA. Melissa specializes in Trigger point therapy, Sports, Pregnancy, Swedish massage and Myofasical release, as well as Cupping. Melissa believes massage is extremely beneficial in our lives, aiding in muscle recovery, repair and relief, postural balance, an increased range of motion,  Increased circulation, decreases tension, pain and stress relief. Melissa massaged for the British Triathlon team, and other triathletes from NZ and Mexico during their stays in New Plymouth in 2014, 2015. 

When not massaging, she also works as a private educational tutor for special needs and volunteer at the SPCA.  She enjoys walking her dogs around the many amazing Taranaki walkways. She has a love of travel and has lived abroad for 12 years, but the beauty of New Zealand has brought her home.

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email: melisnz@gmail.com

mobile: 021 510 515

Chloe Bond

Chloe graduated in Beauty Therapy in 2012 and this is where she discovered her passion for massage. Chloe first trained in Swedish massage, and has spent the last six years gaining experience and post graduate training in Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy massage, Reflexology, Pressure points and Chakra balancing. 

Chloe has worked alongside Osteopaths and Professional Therapists in past positions and is excited to be working again as a part of a multidisciplinary team. Chloe massaged the All Blacks in September 2017. 
Chloe is really passionate about massage and the benefits it has on the body for your health and well-being. She loves helping all clients and seeing great improvements in their overall body from built up tension, headaches and injuries.
Outside of work Chloe enjoy walking, tramping and adventuring off on holidays.

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Jackie Boniface

Jackie is a certified massage therapist, gaining her qualification in Australia in 2009. 

She specialises in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Hot Stone massages and Lymphatic Drainage (this massage encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, allowing the body to eliminate waste products).

Jackie believes that using massage to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, releasing tight muscles, restoring range of motion, or relieving pain, is an important aspect to self-care in today’s busy world. Massage benefits the mind (psychological) and the body (physiological); allowing clients to leave with decreased stress levels, muscles relaxed to cope with many conditions we all live with on a daily basis, and feeling wonderful.

Originating from New Plymouth, Jackie enjoys walking, Toastmasters, and Motor Sports.

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Michelle Ackerman

Michelle graduated in Beauty Therapy in 2006 in South Africa where she fell in love with massage therapy. She furthered her study with post graduate qualifications in Nutrition, Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage. 

As a massage therapist Michelle has worked in almost every capacity, Spa’s, Clinics, Private Practice and Teaching. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Sport, Remedial, Swedish and Pregnancy Massage. Her approach is versatile and she is passionate about working with you to achieve your desired results.

When not running around after her preschoolers Michelle enjoys Paddle Boarding, Yoga and Hiking.

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Anna Drinkwater

Anna looks after the administration side of BodyLogic. Anna brings a range of experience having spent several years at TSB bank and more recently Anna co-owned Curves gym, Bell Block. While at Curves, Anna helps manage clients through weight loss and fitness endeavors with consideration of physical elements and nutrition. 

Now that the kids are all at school, Anna is currently exploring options to further her understanding of nutrition, especially in the management of health complaints. 

email: admin@bodylogic.co.nz

Practice Manager

Aimee Baldwin

Aimee oversees the operations of the clinic and keeps our social media followers informed and entertained! 

Originally from Wales, Aimee spent some time in Australia before moving to NZ to be with her Taranaki partner. While in Australia Aimee competed the ultimate 12 week challenge and this is where her passion and awareness for the health industry began. Amazed with her results and after seeing her before and after pictures  Aimee went on to become a personal trainer and inspire others to achieve their goals. 

Now a new mum, time is precious but in the past she has enjoyed Horse riding, skiing, acting and still engages in a few weight sessions. Other passions include her previous career working with dogs and music. Aimee used to play for the Royal Regimental Wales, a branch of the Welsh Territorial Army. 

email : aimee@bodylogic.co.nz