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We stock a range of products which you may be interested in purchasing 

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a great way to self-manage tension. They are able to be used for a variety of purposes but mainly on your back and legs. At BodyLogic, we can show you how to use the roller for management of your injury and for general maintenance going forward. These are a great tool to have sitting in the corner of the living room or in the back of the car  to remind you to look after your body!  

Real Deal Hurt Creme


Real Deal Hurt Crème is designed and formulated to help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling and to stimulate circulation and encourage tissue repair. It is especially helpful to rub on strained muscles or to soothe a sports injury, and can be used as a pre-event and post-event application.

We use Real Deal Hurt Creme during our treatments, and have tubs available for your purchase. 


Theraband can be used for a variety of purposes. Used mostly in rehabilitation of injury, they are also useful aids for stretching and building general strength/endurance. Easy to use during your work day or at home. Enquire at Body Logic for advice on how to use this simple, yet effective method for maintaining joint and muscle health.   

Epsom Salts 

Great for adding to a bath to soak a tired, sore of stressed body! 

A combination of natural salts with a range of natural oils, made right here in Taranaki. 

1 sachet is suitable for 2x standard baths

5 selections available:

Skin & Joint Soothing, Sports Revive, Calming & Relaxing, Uplifting & Reviving, Stimulate & Energise

A great gift for yourself or someone else! 

Hot/cold packs

For acute injuries, applying ice packs at regular intervals over the following 48 hours is crucial for your recovery.

For chronic issues such as muscle tension and stiffness, heat packs are a great way to get blood flow to an area to ease aches and pains

These HOT/COLD packs are able to be used for both purposes. Cool in the freezer/fridge or heat in the microwave or hot water