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SPS - Spiral Stabilisation

$150 for a 6 week course.

  • Started 11 Jun
  • 150 New Zealand dollars
  • 331 Devon Street East

Service Description

Suffering from back pain or postural issues? Try our Spiral Stabilisation program at Bodylogic. Our SPS therapy focuses on retraining and stabilising the deep spinal muscles to alleviate pain and improve posture. Don’t let pain hold you back any longer – book your session today! Spiral Stabilisation (SPS) is a specialised technique designed to address a range of issues related to the back. This approach proves especially advantageous for individuals contending with concerns such as general back pain, scoliosis, slipped discs, disc herniation, as well as headaches or migraines stemming from back issues. Whether you're seeking relief from specific conditions or aiming to enhance your overall back health, SPS offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Our tailored exercises can benefit all ages from children through to seniors and can also improve posture, balance, and muscle coordination. Bid farewell to that slouch and welcome a journey towards a healthier you with improved posture, increased flexibility, and a more resilient spine.

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