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Our Story

Welcome to Bodylogic, your home for comprehensive healthcare and wellness services. Our team of experienced practitioners, therapists, instructors, and administrative staff are committed to providing you with the support and attention you need to achieve optimal health and wellness. Founded in 2012 by Mick, Bodylogic has grown to become a trusted name in the community, delivering personalized care and specialised treatments designed to help you feel your best. Whether you are seeking relief from pain or simply looking to improve your overall well-being, we are here to help you every step of the way.

While studying, Mick was impressed with what could be achieved as an Osteopath, but it started to become clearer that no one occupation or profession could ‘do it all’ to a high level. One of the core fundamentals on Osteopathy is the concept of holism – or a holistic approach where the person is considered from a range of perspectives and is offered the appropriate intervention. Mick envisioned being part of a multi discipline clinic, a one stop shop for clients where most needs could be met.

Mick’s wife Adelle is from New Plymouth and Mick always held a soft spot for the area with his love of the outdoors it seemed like a perfect place to build a practice. When he moved to New Plymouth there were no opportunities to work in a multidisciplinary practice so Mick started the journey towards building a high quality, integrative practice.

Setting up in 2012, it wasn't long before Jesse joined him and they became an unstoppable force. Bodylogic was originally set up underneath Abacus next door where Mick, Jesse and Anna spent a couple of years. Future practice manager, Aimee came to see Mick as a patient in the original building and was so impressed she waited a few years before reaching out and asking about opportunities at BL. The team then packed up their small clinic and moved across the carpark to where we are now. They built the space with a studio, a couple of extra rooms, a kitchen/staff room (no longer a cupboard) and were joined by the amazing Aliesha who made the studio her home with functional fitness boot camp type classes for local businesses, Pilates class and personal training sessions. We then added Massage therapy and Acupuncture to our offered services. From here the team steadily expanded to include additional Osteopaths and our first Physiotherapist, Stephen. The time came where we once again outgrew the space. This time, rather than moving, we decided we'd annoy the business on the other side of us enough that they'd move out and give us some more space.... just kidding. We jumped on the chance when the building next door became available, knocked through and custom built a brand new huge reception space and 5 additional practice rooms.

We have been extremely fortunate to continue to grow, both in team size and client base. We are proud of the team we have and continue to look for ways to improve our clients quality of life. Thanks again to the amazing support from our client base all over Taranaki (and some outside), we couldn’t have done it without you. Please keep active, enjoy our amazing natural environment and lifestyle on offer in Taranaki. Even though it can be tricky to get an appointment at times, we are always here to help out when you need some assistance or advice.

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