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Our in-house clinical aromatherapist and RMT Michelle has developed a signature range of magnesium lotions, oils and gels to suit our various practitioner needs, as such we (Bodylogic) provide professional, well-loved and locally made body care products enriched with magnesium.

Magnesium, a vital mineral, acts as a catalyst for numerous essential bodily functions from promoting improved sleep to aiding in muscle recovery, alleviating migraines, combating fatigue, relieving cramps, and soothing growing pains.



Our signature MEND lotion is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory ingredients like methyl salicylate (NSAID), menthol, several essential oils such as eucalyptus, black pepper and turmeric all combined with magnesium in a hemp seed oil base. These ingredients may provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains caused by sprains, arthritis, bruising, nerve pain, simple backache and neck pain. While magnesium helps to support muscle fatigue and nerve function. MEND stands out as a lightweight, non-greasy and effective blend of natures finest ingredients. Providing the support your body deserves.

MEND is an acronym for: M-magnesium; E-enriched; N-NSAID; D-dose



Pure Magnesium Oil (in a convenient spray):  Formulated for fast-acting, quick absorption, this concentrated spray delivers pure Magnesium right where it's needed, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Magnesium is ideal post-workout and may aid muscle recovery, prevent cramps and support nerve function. Despite it's 'oily' nature, this product is actually water-based, making it ideal for physio-tape applications too. 



Our belly oil is specially made for when your skin needs support the most. Perfect during the second trimester when your skin begins to stretch. Designed to mimic your skin's natural oil. This light, easily absorbed oil is enriched with apricot kernel, jojoba, and fractionated coconut oil. This carrier combination is infused with nutrient-dense plants such as rooibos, arnica, and rose hip. Providing a safe and nourishing blend rich in vitamins, oleic and linoleic acids to help support the elasticity of your skin.

Check out all of these amazing products and more from Arioma Lab at Bodylogic...

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