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Online bookings are available for classes or if you are not sure what class to book, give us a call on 067581529. Classes cost $23 casual or $180.00 for a 10 concession. 

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1-ON-1 PILATES - CHOOSE EITHER 30 MINUTES ($45) OR 60 MINUTES ($70). Ideal if you are brand new to Pilates or wanting to build up strength after an injury.


To book a session with Aliesha click here 

To book a session with Felicity click here 



Small group training sessions are stimulating, motivating, performed in a fun environment and cost effective. Your program will change every session, so you’ll always feel challenged and motivated. Private group training will be the same as our functional fitness group training but you bring the group, whether is a group of friends or colleagues.




Our main focus is the use of the body to build strength and endurance while maintaining flexibility. There is considerable emphasis on form and technique of particular movements or exercise, to ensure safety and results. Groups will be a maximum of eight people to ensure the instructor can provide appropriate support during the session to each individual (great for those with an injury to manage).  Functional Fitness classes are 50 minutes long, with the last 10 minutes focusing on stretching. These classes are for clients who have a base line fitness. 


To book your team for a group or corporate PT or Pilates session please email our Practice Manager to discuss times and prices.

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