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If you would like to make a booking the easiest way is to do this online via the link below. Simply choose your appointment type, time and date and enter a few contact details, and we will see you at your appointment


 If you would rather email or call to make an appointment that is fine! See 'CONTACT DETAILS' above. If we are unable to answer your call, feel free to leave a message and we will reply when we can.


What to expect during a consultation:


If you have it, please bring any relevant X-rays or medical information. During your first consultation, a detailed case history will taken, with questions regarding your current and previous health; then a physical examination will take place where you may be asked to remove some items of clothing. We ask for the clothing to be removed if we need to see an area more closely or if the clothing is tight and restricting movement. Once assessed, treatments vary but generally consist of a combination of postural correction, joint mobilization, soft tissue work and stretching. Follow up treatments typically involve a brief check up on progress, assessment  and often a longer treatment.  

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